How to choose good domain name?

Choosing a good domain name is the first thing you should to do if you want to launch your business or personal website. The domain name is exactly virtually same as the home address of your website, that will future users types into a web browser and it is returned in the search engine results. Domain name is the identification string and the unique address of every website on the world wide web.

It can have crucial role in the overall goals of online businesses in general. That's why you have to give a lot of thought and effort in process of finding good domain name. Some strategies are advised to be followed before selecting the domain name for your new website.

First thing you should to know is that the domain name for your website should be relevant. It should be in sync with the niche of your website.

It will not make sense if you have a URL that includes movies when your website is about flowers. Many customer type in the name of services or/and products they looking for and then search for it. Having a relevant domain name can bring you good amount of traffic.

Domain with hyphens and lengthy domain you should avoid. Obviously, lengthy names are very difficult to type and user can't remember easily.

Most of the website visitors are accustomed to run-on URLs and are not comfortable in typing dashes. So to make your website easy to remember choose a domain name like firstdomain rather than first-domain.

If you are in online marketing and business, then the most suitable way to choose appropriate domain name for your website is to do researches in Google and pick the most searched keyword related to your business.

If a keyword is searched 20,000 times in a month then it can be the adequate one for your domain. You can put this keyword in your domain name but sometimes you might not get the required domain.

To overcome this problem you can add suffix or prefix to the keyword. For example, if is not available for registration then you can go for This is a very simple strategy to improve your ranking in Google and attract potential traffic.

I would suggest you to choose .com over other offered extensions. As you can see number of extensions are available like .org, .net, .biz etc. For example, if is unavailable, it can be good option to choose

If you notice that the owner of is your competitor then there are huge chances that your website users and customers will type in the URL of your competition in the browsers and in that way you will end up losing your potential customer. The most popular extensions are .com, .net and .org so it is advisable to find a name within those extensions.

I's good strategy buying all the available option because of your future competitor. If you are involved in domain name registration business you should register the domain names that are similar to yours. You should register the .biz, .tv, .net, .org and other version of your domain name. Do not give a chance to your competition to buy them.

Choosing the right service ( Godaddy company for example) for you can have many advantages. Good and reputable domain name registration services will offer you not only simple registration service, they will offer you suite of services which will make managing your domain names an easy task.