kaceyblog.online referrer spam

If you found kaceyblog.online website in Google analytics or Statcounter, it is beacause the owner of kaceyblog.online use referrer spam technic. But, what is the referrer spam?

What is referrer spam?

In the digital realm, where the web is bustling with countless users and websites, we often come across the term "referrer spam." This virtual nuisance might not be as disruptive as pop-up ads or malware, but it can certainly mess with your website's analytics and potentially skew your online strategies.

So, what exactly is referrer spam? Well, imagine this: you're diligently checking your website analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your latest marketing campaign, and suddenly, you notice an unexpected spike in traffic from random websites you've never heard of. That's likely referrer spam at work.

Referrer spam, sometimes known as referral spam or ghost spam, involves spammy websites or bots sending fake traffic to your site. The motivation behind this spam isn't genuine interest or engagement with your content; it's usually an attempt to promote their own websites, products, or services.

Now, you might wonder why this is a big deal. The trouble with referrer spam lies in the way it distorts your website's analytics. It can make it seem like certain websites are driving substantial traffic to your site when, in reality, they aren't. This misleading data can throw a wrench in your decision-making process and hinder your ability to measure the true impact of your online efforts.

Here is information we found about kaceyblog online

Name: kaceyblog.online
Registry Domain ID: D395404428-CNIC
Registry Expiration: 2024-09-10 23:59:59 UTC
Updated: 2023-09-10 09:50:04 UTC
Created: 2023-09-10 09:50:01 UTC
Domain is registered with Namecheap.

How to remove kaceyblog.online referrer spam from Google Analytics:

Create Filters:

a. In your Google Analytics Admin panel, go to the View column.
b. Select the view you want to apply the filter to.
c. Click on "Filters."
d. Then click "+ Add Filter."
e. Give your filter a name.
f. Choose "Custom" as the Filter Type.

Configure Filter Settings: After selecting "Custom" as the Filter Type:

a. Choose "Exclude" to block spam referrals.
b. Select "Campaign Source" from the Filter Field drop-down menu.
c. In the Filter Pattern field, enter the domain you want to block without www or http/https. Use a pipe symbol (|) to separate multiple domains.
d. You can also use regular expressions for more complex filtering.

Verify Filter: Before saving, it's a good practice to verify the filter using the "Verify this Filter" option. This allows you to see how the filter would affect your data.

Apply Filter: Once you're confident the filter is correctly configured, click "Save" to apply it. Google Analytics will then exclude the specified spam referrals from your data.

Removing kaceyblog.online referrer spam from Statcounter

Log In: Access your Statcounter account by logging in with your credentials.

Choose Your Project: If you have multiple projects, select the one you want to work on from the dashboard.

Access Settings: In the project's dashboard, locate and click on the "Project Settings" option, usually found in the upper-right corner.

Navigate to Blocking: In the Project Settings, you will find a tab or section labeled "Blocking" or "Blocking Referrers." Click on it to access your blocking settings.

Add Referrer Domains: In the Blocking section, you'll have the option to add domains that you want to block. Enter the domain names of the spam referrers you've identified.

Save Changes: After adding the spam referrer domains, save your changes. Statcounter will then prevent these domains from affecting your website's analytics data.

I hope you find this article helpful and you solved a problem with kaceyblog.online referral spam.